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It’s a 1,000 Member Celebration!

1,000 … Sometimes that’s a big number, sometimes it’s not. In this case, 1,000 is a very big number to Pogue’s Run Grocer.

We’ve just passed the 1,000 Member milestone. That’s 1,000 people who have invested in our store, in our mission and in our neighborhood; 1,000 people who now own a piece of our store.

If you aren’t one of our Members or if you’ve never visited Pogue’s Run Grocer or aren’t familiar with the Cooperative model, you may have questions like:

Do you have to be a Member to shop at Pogue’s Run Grocer?

Absolutely not! This isn’t an exclusive club and we understand that Membership isn’t for everyone. Whether you’re a Member or not our mission is still to give you access to healthy food and nutrition.

So if I can shop at Pogue’s Run Grocer anyway, why should I become a Member?

We are a cooperative. That means our Members are investing in our goals, our mission and, of course, our store. In return, our Members enjoy many special discounts and sales at the store and the opportunity to help guide and make decisions for the future of Pogue’s Run Grocer.

1,000 Members is a big milestone. Can I still become a Member?

Yes! We have not limited the number of people that can become Members. In fact, the more Members we have, the better we can serve shoppers at Pogue’s Run Grocer and our community.

Obviously, these are just three question and they’re all about Membership. Do you have other questions? We’d love it if you’d stop in and visit Pogue’s Run Grocer. We’ll be happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you have, whether they’re about Membership or healthy eating or you just want to learn more about the neighborhood. We’re here for you.

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