Deli Menu


For quick carryout or catering call ahead: 317-426-4963

We offer bag lunches, platters, soups, salads, sides, drinks and cookies
Pogue’s Run Grocer is your natural choice for event catering.
Download the catering menu here.

Lunch special M-F 11-2:
Any sandwich, soup or chips and a drink for $7.99

Meat Sandwiches

Capicola and Provolone $6.49
Indy’s own Smoking Goose brand capicola, provolone, housemade giardinera, spinach and basil mayonnaise, choice of bread*

City Ham and Muenster $6.49
Smoking Goose brand city ham, Muenster cheese, red onion, lettuce and brown mustard, choice of bread*

Roast Beef and Gorgonzola $6.49
Boar’s Head all-natural roast beef, gorgonzola cheese, red onion, spinach, cranberry mayonnaise, choice of bread*

Reuben $6.49
The classic Reuben made with Boar’s Head corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1,000 island dressing served hot on marble rye

Rhonda $6.49
Reuben’s sister, with Smoking Goose brand smoked turkey, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, 1,000 island served hot on marble rye

Tuscan Turkey $6.49
Our most popular sandwich, Boar’s Head all-natural Tuscan turkey, provolone, green peppers, lettuce, kalamata olives, basil mayonnaise, choice of bread*

Smoked Turkey, Bacon and Chipotle Gouda $6.49
Smoking Goose brand smoked turkey breast, Boar’s Head brand bacon, chipotle gouda cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise, choice of bread*

Veggie Sandwiches

Disheveled James $6.49 (Vegan)
Sloppy Joe’s vegan cousin! Organic tempeh in a housemade barbecue sauce piled onto a ciabatta bun and topped with a mound of vegan cole slaw

I Pita The Fool! $5.99 (Vegan)
Roasted organic tempeh in a vegan curry sauce, with dried cranberries, spinach and cilantro wrapped in a wheat pita

Veggie $5.49 (Vegetarian/Vegan)
Spinach, red onions, cucumbers, green peppers, kalamata olives, housemade sundried tomato hummus with your choice of cheese, Daiya cheese or no cheese, choice of bread*

Grilled Cheese Panini $5.49 (Vegetarian)
Roasted red pepper cream cheese, smoked gouda and mozzarella, choice of bread* Try it with spinach!

RAMBO! $6.49 (Vegan)
Reuben and Rhonda’s neighbor, made with our housemade seitan, Daiya cheese, sauerkraut, vegan 1,000 island served hot on marble rye

Tofu Wrap $5.49 (Vegan)
Roasted organic tofu blended with red onions, celery and vegan mayonnaise, spinach wrapped in a wheat wrap

Roast Tempeh Wrap $5.99 (Vegan)
Organic tempeh strips marinated in liquid aminos and herbs, roasted and served with spinach, red onions, Daiya cheese, vegan cucumber sauce wrapped in a wheat wrap

Kids Menu

PB&J $3.99
Natural peanut butter and jelly, toasted or plain

Kids Toasty $3.99
Colby Jack and Cheddar, toasted on your choice of bread*

All sandwiches are grilled on our Panini press unless otherwise noted
*Cornerstone Bread choices are marble rye, sourdough and multigrain*