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Good and Cheap

While Leanne Brown was Master’s student at New York University she wondered how well (or if) a person on SNAP assistance could actually eat. The $4 a day ration (formerly known as food stamps) didn’t seem like a lot. Could they actually create decent meals on a meager budget?

The result of Leanne’s musings eventually evolved into what became the #1 cookbook ever funded through Kickstarter.

Supporters of “Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4 / Day” not only loved the idea of the book but also the “get one, give one” system. If you buy a copy, another copy will be given to someone in need.

There’s no question that eating well on so little is a real challenge. But if you have a kitchen and access to a grocery store, you can do it!

At Pogue’s Run Grocer, we love Leanne’s project so much that we’re doing a 3 things about it:


We’re partnering with a growing number of local organizations to teach 2-part Good and Cheap classes. Nate from Pogue’s Run Grocer discusses healthy eating on a budget, gives interactive cooking demonstrations using recipes from Good and Cheap and helps participants share a meal prepared in class. The group also takes field trips to nearby grocery stores. At the end of the second class, each participant receives a copy of Good and Cheap. Please note: these classes are intended for people who currently receive SNAP benefits, so spread the word.


We’ve partnered with Slow Food Indy to bring Leanne Brown to Indianapolis for a VIP Reception and Book Signing. Would you like to meet the Author and support the missions of Good and Cheap, Slow Food Indy and Pogue’s Run Grocer? If so, mark September 27th on your calendar.


The day after her VIP Reception, Leanne Brown will speak at the Arsenal Technical High School Auditorium. We (Slow Food Indy and Pogue’s Run Grocer) hope we can pack out Tech’s huge auditorium with everyone from foodies to local aid organizations but especially the people that Leanne originally wrote the book for.

Please contact Nate at Pogue’s Run Grocer for more information on any or all of these Good and Cheap events.

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